Text Clip Variables

Programmer's Notepad supports the following built-in variables when using Text Clips:

Variable Description
PN_FILENAME The file part of the current filename.
PN_FILEDIRECTORY The directory part of the current filename.
PN_FILENAMENOEXT The file part of the current filename with no extension.
PN_FILEPATH The full current filename
PN_CURRENTLINE Current line number
PN_CURRENTCOLUMN Current column number
PN_CURRENTLINETEXT Current line text
PN_CURRENTPROJECTFILE Current project file
PN_CURRENTPROJECTGROUPFILE Current project group file
PN_PROJECTPATH Current project path
PN_PROJECTGROUPPATH Current project group path
PN_PROJECTPROP: Property from the current project, using group.category.value syntax to specify the property to retrieve. e.g. ${ProjectProp:test.general.outputdir}
PN_FILEPROP: Property from the current file, using the same syntax as ProjectProp
PN_PROJECTNAME Current project name
PN_PROJECTGROUPNAME Current project group name
PN_PNPATH Path where Programmer's Notepad is installed

Programmer's Notepad also supports most TextMate variables, e.g. TM_FILEPATH.