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February 19, 2012 at 6:31 pm #7624



I’ve been using PNP for quite a while now, and like it very much. Keep up the good work! :)

I have a small problem with modifying the WebFiles.scheme file, though. I tried to add css3 vendor prefixes to it, but they do not appear in the autocomplete dialog, and they are given “Unknown property” color by the syntax highlighter. Other keywords that I’ve added (such as “column-gap”) work just fine.

Is this because of the leading “-” character?

Here are the modified keywords and language section:

<keyword-class name=”css3″>

box-sizing -webkit-box-sizing -moz-box-sizing text-shadow -moz-border-radius -webkit-border-radius border-radius animation-name

animation-duration animation-iteration-count animation-direction animation-delay animation-play-state animation-fill-mode

-moz-animation-name -moz-animation-duration -moz-animation-iteration-count -moz-animation-direction -moz-animation-delay

-moz-animation-play-state -moz-animation-fill-mode -webkit-animation-name -webkit-animation-duration -webkit-animation-iteration-count

-webkit-animation-direction -webkit-animation-delay -webkit-animation-play-state -webkit-animation-fill-mode -ms-animation-name

-ms-animation-duration -ms-animation-iteration-count -ms-animation-direction -ms-animation-delay -ms-animation-play-state -ms-animation-fill-mode

-moz-transform-origin -webkit-transform-origin -o-transform-origin -ms-transform-origin transform-origin -webkit-transform -moz-transform -o-transform

-ms-transform transform -moz-background-size background-size opacity -moz-box-shadow -webkit-box-shadow box-shadow -moz-border-image -webkit-border-image

border-image -moz-column-count -moz-column-width -moz-column-gap -moz-column-rule -webkit-column-count -webkit-column-width -webkit-column-gap

-webkit-column-rule -o-column-count -o-column-width -o-column-gap -o-column-rule column-count column-width column-gap column-rule

::-moz-selection ::selection -moz-transition -webkit-transition -o-transition -ms-transition transition -moz-background-origin -webkit-background-origin

-o-background-origin -ms-background-origin background-clip


<language name=”css” title=”CSS” folding=”false” foldcomments=”false” foldcompact=”false”>

<comments streamStart=”/*” streamEnd=”*/”/>

<lexer name=”css”/>


<keyword key=”0″ name=”CSS 1″ class=”css”/>

<keyword key=”1″ name=”pseudo Classes” class=”css-pseudo” />

<keyword key=”2″ name=”CSS 2″ class=”css2″/>

<keyword key=”3″ name=”CSS 3″ class=”css3″/>



<style name=”Default” key=”32″ class=”default”/>

<style name=”Text” key=”0″ class=”default”/>

<style name=”Selector (HTML tag)” key=”1″ class=”keyword”/>

<style name=”Class selector” key=”2″/>

<style name=”Pseudo class” key=”3″ fore=”800000″/>

<style name=”Unknown pseudo” key=”4″ fore=”ff0000″/>

<style name=”Operator” key=”5″ class=”operator”/>

<style name=”Property” key=”6″ fore=”0000b0″/>

<style name=”Unknown Property” key=”7″ fore=”fa0000″/>

<style name=”Value” key=”8″ class=”string”/>

<style name=”Comment” key=”9″ class=”comment”/>

<style name=”ID selector (#IdSel)” key=”10″ class=”number”/>

<style name=”Important” key=”11″ fore=”ff8000″ bold=”true”/>

<style name=”At-rule (@)” key=”12″ class=”preprocessor” />

<style name=”Double-Quoted Strings” key=”13″ class=”string”/>

<style name=”Single-Quoted Strings” key=”14″ class=”string”/>

<style name=”CSS 2 Property” key=”15″ fore=”00a0e0″/>

<style name=”Attribute Selection [att='val']” key=”16″ fore=”800000″/>

<style name=”CSS 3 Property” key=”17″ fore=”ff0000″/>



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