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January 28, 2013 at 3:21 pm #19642


Hey… I gotta tell ya… I really love this program. I am an old school programmer from the Dos days and really appreciate all the work that has gone into this program. With that being said, back in those days, there was a program I used to use all the time for editing called E.EXE… and all it was was a text editing program. However, one of the features that I found I would use most often was it’s sorting feature. Here’s how it worked.

Let’s say for instance you have a bunch of items that you want to sort. So you type them all in with each item on a separate line ending in a CRLF. Then, you move your cursor to the beginning point of where you want to start your sort and press CTRL-KY and it will drop an anchor point there for a highlighting cursor. You move the cursor down to the last item on your list and press CTRL-KY again and it would drop the highlighting anchor to mark the end of your selection. Now… All you had to do was press ALT-S and each line that was highlighted would be sorted by descending order from the beginning of the highlighted selection to the end of the highlighted selection.

Now this came in very handy for making a nice sorted list, but it went even further then that. Say for example you make yourself another list of records. Each record contains several pieces of information and you put all that information on one line separated by a ; (semi-colon) between each item. But you want to sort your list of records by the second item in the record. No problem… here’s how you accomplished that…

First while you’re typing in your records you’re using a standard system font where each character is the exact same width as the other. then you begin typing in your records making sure to line up each item above the other. For example:

John; Doe; 123 street; 10438
Freida; Clark; 456 street; 26478
Greg; Evigan; 789 road; 97867

Now that you’ve got all your records typed in, in order to sort by the second record, you begin by dropping your highlight anchor at the “D” in Doe and then move your cursor down to the “n” in Evigan and drop the highlight anchor again. Then press ALT-S to sort the list. The entire line is taken into account when sorting. So every record remains the same only sorted by the “last name” in that example.

This SORTING feature is the only thing that this program is missing in my humble opinion. I’m sure that others have suggested the same thing in the past, but I hope that this would explain in more detail how it would work and it can be acheived. Thanks for listening…

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