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January 31, 2011 at 7:42 pm #5183


Hello and thankyou for this greate program!

If i post here, it’s because i’m desperate!

I’m an AutoIt Programmer, and i want to change the default editor (Scite) for PN.

I completed the default au3.scheme provided in google codes so it fits perfectly the Scite’s highlight.

I’ve got problems with the autocompletion, and the text clips


1/ I have an api file (au3.api) that contains all Au3 functions with there parameters and descriptions.

In PN, the autocompletion works but without the parameters, and without respecting the Upper/lower chars of the keywords.

2/ I’d like to add a REALLY usefull feature the have Scite: whene writing a code, all declared vars and functions are automatically added in the autocompletion! like this, don’t need to search in your entire code where is the varible you declared first to copy/past it where you need it.

First i thought that i must play with ctags to add this feature, but when i got ctags working, i saw that it’s a code analysing tool, and doesn’t add matched words in the autocompletion list.

Can you help me?

3/ I converted the default Scite’s abbreviations to PN’s clips (using an AutoIt Script), i placed the au3.clips in the clips folder, but nothing happens! the AutoIt clips in PN stay empty! i tried adding au3.clips file in AppData PN’s folder, but no way! it seems that the only way to add clips is the manual way in the PN’s interface! and with more than 500clips, it’s a problem!!!

How can i add them using my generated file?

For who readed until here, i say thankyou very much!

PS: Here are my scheme, api and clips files

I swear that there are no any virus, just a zip file containing the above files.

If you don’t trust me (what i’ll understand) i can place those files in a post.


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