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January 27, 2012 at 6:17 am #7553


Hi All, <first post>

I am having some problems trying to create a scheme for Ingres and/or OpenRoad.

I am using the portable version of PN (nice).

I see in the forum some talk of .schemedef files – i do not see any of these in the portable version.

I have tried copying existing .scheme files and associated them through the Tools > Options > Files > Add button, but no luck.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.



January 28, 2012 at 3:35 am #18451


It took me some time to find where things are explained, too. It seems that all of the .scheme files refer to lexers that are built-in to the Scintilla SciLexer.dll file. Unless the language you’re trying to add is 100% compatible to one of those built-in lexers, yeah, you need to make a .schemedef file. Here’s an example file for prolog. I think I got it from somewhere on here.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

<!-- This is a very improvised, kluged schemedef for Prolog, written without

documentation of Programmers Notepad scheme definition syntax.

Main limitations:

No folding of comments.

Quoted atoms with a quote doubled ('don''t panic') are not treated correctly.

Escaped quoted atoms ('don't panic') are OK and are preferred.

Michael A. Covington - University of Georgia -




<keyword-class name="prolog">

<!-- Strictly speaking Prolog has no keywords. These are the ISO directives. -->

dynamic multifile module discontiguous set_prolog_flag

op char_conversion initialization include ensure_loaded



<schemedef name="prolog" title="Prolog" author="M. Covington" url="" version="1"

casesensitive="true" braces="{[()]}">

<!-- Max 2 -->


<!-- Quoted atom, with as an escape character. -->

<stringtype id="0" start="'" end="'" multiline="false" escape="" />

<!-- Double quoted string, same -->

<stringtype id="1" start=""" end=""" multiline="false" escape="" />


<identifiers start="[_a-zA-Z]" />


<line start="%" />

<block start="/*" end="*/" />


<numbers start="[0-9]" content="[0-9.]" />

<!-- From here on is the traditional scheme definition block... -->

<lexer name="prolog" />


<style name="Default" key="32" />

<style name="Line Comment" key="1" class="comment" />

<style name="Block Comment" key="2" class="comment" />

<style name="Atom, Variable" key="3" fore="000080"/>

<style name="Number" key="4" class="number" />

<style name="Directive" key="5" class="keyword" />

<!-- <style name="Keywords 2" key="6" class="keyword" fore="f80000" /> -->

<style name="Quoted Atom" key="10" class="string" />

<style name="Edinburgh String" key="11" class="string" fore="f80000"/>

<!-- <style name="Pre-Processor" key="12" class="preprocessor" /> -->

<!-- <style name="Special Identifier" key="13" fore="478698" /> -->



<keyword key="0" name="Keywords" class="prolog"/>




January 30, 2012 at 4:26 am #18452


Thanks Roody – that has helped me get something started.

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