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March 6, 2010 at 8:32 am #1140



Thank you for the great tool.

I want to customize cpp.scheme to have more custom keywords.

But I don’t know how to have pn change color of my new keywords.

Please take a look at my OPNET.scheme and give suggestions.


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>



<keyword-class name=”cpp”>

asm auto bool break case catch char class const const_cast continue

default delete do double dynamic_cast else enum explicit export extern false float for

friend goto if inline int long mutable namespace new operator private protected public

register reinterpret_cast return short signed sizeof static static_cast struct switch

template this throw true try typedef typeid typename union unsigned using

virtual void volatile wchar_t while and and_eq bitand bitor compl not not_eq or

or_eq xor xor_eq


<keyword-class name=”opnet”>

my new keywords



<!– base scheme for C++ style languages –>

<base-language name=”cppbase”>

<lexer name=”cpp” />


<style name=”Default” key=”32″ />

<style name=”Whitespace” key=”0″ class=”whitespace” />

<style name=”Comment” key=”1″ class=”commentbox”/>

<style name=”Comment Line” key=”2″ class=”commentline”/>

<style name=”Number” key=”4″ class=”number”/>

<style name=”Keyword” key=”5″ class=”keyword”/>

<style name=”String” key=”6″ class=”string”/>

<style name=”Character” key=”7″ class=”string”/>

<style name=”Operator” key=”10″ bold=”true”/>

<style name=”Identifier” key=”11″ />

<style name=”End of line string” key=”12″ fore=”000000″ back=”e0c0e0″ eolfilled=”true”/>



<language base=”cppbase” name=”opnet” title=”OPNET” folding=”true” foldcomments=”true” foldelse=”true” foldcompact=”true” foldpreproc=”true”>

<lexer name=”cpp” />

<comments line=”//” streamStart=”/*” streamEnd=”*/” blockStart=”/**” blockLine=” *” blockEnd=” */” />


<keyword key=”0″ name=”Keywords” class=”cpp”/>

<keyword key=”2″ name=”Doxygen Keywords” class=”doxygen”/>



<style name=”Doc Comments” key=”3″ class=”commentdoc”/>

<style name=”UUID” key=”8″ fore=”804080″/>

<style name=”Preprocessor” key=”9″ class=”preprocessor”/>

<style name=”Verbatim” key=”13″ fore=”007f00″ back=”e0ffe0″ eolfilled=”true”/>

<style name=”RegEx” key=”14″ fore=”3f7f3f” back=”e0f0ff” eolfilled=”true”/>

<style name=”Comment Line Doc” key=”15″ class=”commentdoc”/>

<style name=”Keywords 2″ key=”16″ fore=”b00040″/>

<style name=”Comment Doc Keyword” key=”17″ class=”commentdoc” fore=”3060a0″/>

<style name=”Unknown Comment Doc Keyword” key=”18″ class=”commentdoc” fore=”804020″/>




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