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September 5, 2011 at 10:58 pm #5484

Old Geezer

Since I have used TextPad in the past, but I like your program better for a couple of reasons–being free is a major one–I have downloaded several of the TextClips that people have made for TextPad. They seem to use the same format, so I have to ask. Will the TextClips from TextPad work properly in PNotepad? If not, it might be worthwhile to compare some of their clip files with the few that you have here.

There are many clips and a lot of them seem to be of reasonable quality, although not all of them are, at TextPad’s Clip site, You said you would like to have more Clips submitted. Well, here are a whole bunch of them for everything from HTML to VB to C/C++/C# to ASCII body pictures for medical use to multiple types of information clips. There are a good number of clips that were made for programmers, but there are also a bunch that were made just to be helpful to people who want to use it as a text editor.

Again, from the looks of the number of Clips currently available for PN, it might be well worthwhile to adopt the simple format used by TextPad since those files are freely available to everyone. There is even a Clip file Template to help people create their own,

September 7, 2011 at 10:09 am #18089


I’ve looked at a few and they use some sort of TCL / custom template formatting. They won’t work with PNotepad, as PN requires XML-formatted clipsets like:

<clips name="" scheme="cpp">
<clip name="File Header" shortcut="fh">/**
* @file ${PN_FILEPATH}
* @brief ${1:Description}


TextPad clips look like:

!TEXT=For statement
for(^; ; )


It doesn’t make any sense to convert the clip format imo, as PN clips are way more powerful if a shortcut is defined and $-placeholders are set. TextPad seems to allow a single cursor position only (^) and no placeholders at all.

Nonetheless, the TextPad clips could give some inspiration for future PN clips

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