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April 24, 2012 at 5:54 am #8225


1 )Normal command prompt programin

javac -classpath “.;D:xampptomcatlibservlet-api.jar”

D is my driver path can you install to other driver

2) another is easy to compiling system, it using programmer notepad (this system can using for java compiling)

Download for this link (open and free)

following this step

1) Open PP

2) Tool -> option -> select tool tab

3) Select language java to upper tab

4) Selecting add button

5) Filling form

6) Name :- Servelt

Command:- E:Program Filesjavajdk1.6.0_25binjavac.exe // JDK javac path

Folder :- C:java // your using or file folder

Parameter :- %f -classpath “.;D:xampptomcatlibservlet-api.jar” // this copy and paste and changing a driver Ex:- D

Shortcut:- F12 // selecting you lick button

Save:- current file // or you lick

After Ok

1 view -> output or press F8

Ok finish

Coding after press F12

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