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February 18, 2009 at 3:53 pm #544



I got a non standard compiler output, which I want to parse in the output window. The compiler throws errors like:

"abc.c", line 67: Serious error: expected ‘;’ after command – inserted before ‘}’

where I constructed the parse string

"%f", line %l

in order to get this string parsed. If I check the parsed string in the settings window, it seems to me, as if the parsing itself is working, but when I make a double click on the highlighted line in the output window, I got the following error in the status bar: ‘Could not locate abc.c. if the file exists, see help under "Output" to fix this’

I created the project using the ‘Magic Folder’ function (but also added an erroneous file the standard way, but this did not remove the error). The layout of the project is the following:

prjnameenvironment : Here are the PN’s project files

prjnamesrc : Here are the source code files in different sub directories

prjnamemake : Here are batch files with compiler/linker calls

The root of the project (in the project window)is set to: prjname

In the settings dialog of the project tool function, I set the working directory to: c:prjnamemake

and the execution command to: c:prjnamemakemake.bat

Can someone help me to fix this error, because I think that this editor is cool and it exactly fits the needs I have for editing my project.

Thanks in advance!


February 18, 2009 at 4:29 pm #16272

Key Master

Hi Andreas,

The problem is that PN needs the path to make sense according to the current directory. When you set the working directory to c:prjnamemake and the tool says the error is in "abc.c" then PN tries to find abc.c in c:prjnamemake.

Can it work if you set the working directory to c:prjnamesrc?


February 19, 2009 at 6:58 am #16273


Hi Simon!

Thanks for your fast answer!

I tried to change the working directory to c:prjnamesrc, but this also did not work, because the source code is organized in further subdirs (c:prjnamesrclib1, c:prjnamesrclib2,…), which produce several libs, that are linked at the end to one final executable. Is there an option, that PN also looks in sub-folders of the current working dir?



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