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January 1, 2007 at 7:47 pm #159



Thanks for the great editor :) Here’s few questions concerning the schemedef and lexer:

1. I’m creating schemedef for the Euphoria programming language. What is the lexer and how can I make my own?

2. I used vhdl lexer but for some reason the following tags don’t have any effect. Why?

<stringtype id=”1″ start=”‘” end=”‘” multiline=”false” escape=”" />

<comments><line start=”–” /></comments>

3. I would like to have different syntax coloring for euphoria_keywords and euphoria_datatypes. Is it possible?

4. The following setting makes single minus char act like a number:

<numbers start=”[-#0-9]” content=”[#0-9a-f.x]” />

Why? It should be syntax colored to number only if following chars contains numbers or #.

Here’s what I’ve achieved so far: euphoria.schemedef

<?xml version=”1.0″ ?>



<keyword-class name=”euphoria_keywords”>

and end include to

by exit not type

constant for or while

do function procedure with

else global return without

elsif if then xor



<keyword-class name=”euphoria_datatypes”>

atom integer sequence object



<schemedef name=”euphoria” title=”Euphoria” author=”Tapani Talvitie” url=”; version=”1″

casesensitive=”true” braces=”{[()]}”>

<!– I’m using vhdl lexel here since I don’t have a clue how to make my own lexer –>

<lexer name=”vhdl” />


<!– Single and double quotes string, with as an escape character –>

<stringtype id=”0″ start=”"” end=”"” multiline=”false” escape=”" />

<stringtype id=”1″ start=”‘” end=”‘” multiline=”false” escape=”" />


<identifiers start=”[a-zA-Z]” />


<line start=”–” />


<numbers start=”[-#0-9]” content=”[#0-9a-f.x]” />


<style name=”Default” key=”32″ fore=”000000″ bold=”false” />

<style name=”Line Comment” key=”1″ class=”comment” fore=”007f00″ bold=”false” />

<style name=”Keywords” key=”5″ class=”keyword” fore=”00008b” bold=”true” />

<style name=”String” key=”10″ class=”string” fore=”800080″ bold=”false” />

<style name=”String 2″ key=”11″ class=”string” fore=”800080″ bold=”false” />

<style name=”Number” key=”4″ class=”number” fore=”800080″ bold=”false” />

<style name=”Identifier” key=”3″ fore=”000000″ bold=”false” />



<keyword key=”0″ name=”Keywords” class=”euphoria_keywords” />

<keyword key=”1″ name=”Keywords” class=”euphoria_datatypes” />




Best Regards,

– Tapani Talvitie

January 3, 2007 at 3:34 pm #15245

Key Master

Hi, your lexer name should be “euphoria”, it should match the name in the schemedef bit – hope that helps.

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