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February 15, 2011 at 9:16 am #5177


With the following file “tags.f90″, in PN v2.2.0 with Fortran 95 mode, only the tags c, L, k, 100 and v are shown; and their kind is wrong too. (c is class, L and k are unknown, 100 is variable)


block data b

end block data

program p

common/c/ L

namelist/n/ L

interface i

end interface

type t

integer k

end type

integer v

100 continue


function f()

entry e


subroutine s


module m



Output of ctags –fortran-kinds=+i+L -f – tags.f90:

100 tags.f90 /^ 100 continue$/;” l program:p file:

L tags.f90 /^ common/c/ L$/;” L program:p file:

L tags.f90 /^ namelist/n/ L$/;” L program:p file:

b tags.f90 /^ bl/;” b

c tags.f90 5;” c program:p

e tags.f90 /^ en/;” e function:f

f tags.f90 /^ fu/;” f

i tags.f90 /^ in/;” i program:p

k tags.f90 /^ integer k$/;” k type:t

m tags.f90 /^ mo/;” m

n tags.f90 /^ na/;” n program:p

p tags.f90 /^ pr/;” p

s tags.f90 /^ su/;” s

t tags.f90 /^ ty/;” t program:p

v tags.f90 /^ integer v$/;” v program:p






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